1.! because i've been wondering for so long omg

oh god

the meaning behind my url:

so in like 8th grade or something, i was drawing a picture of a korean man with feet for hands and hands for feet. he had one of those rice hats on, and he had a bomb mustache. and he was naked (but don’t worry, there was a leaf over his privates).  AND OKAY SO HE WAS SINGING GOLD DIGGER BY KANYE, EXCEPT IM WEIRD AND I SWITCH WORDS AROUND JUST SLIGHTLY ALL THE TIME, HENCE FOLDRIGGER.

and yeah i gave that picture to my friend, and she brought it up recently, leading to this url.

i have too many inside joke url’s…

  1. malikthirsty said: ME ME THAT FRIEND WAS ME
  2. tainakasan said: i was not expecting that omg
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